MA-1 Mainsail   $ 1,550.00 CDN

Designed as a true all purpose mainsail, the MA-1 utilizes a cross cut panel layout in the body of the sail and a radial head section for increased strength while minimizing stretch and increasing durability.

  • Vision window
  • Trim window
  • Sail numbers
  • Trim stripes
  • Custom tapered battens
  • Class insignia
  • Roll bag

JA-1 Jib   $ 1,125.00 CDN

Developed to match the MA-1 mainsail, the JA-1 Jib is designed to work well in all wind ranges. The sail is easy to trim and requires minimal lead adjustment as conditions change.

  • Vision Window
  • Leech Battens
  • Roll Bag

SA-1 Spinnaker   $ 1650.00 CDN

Utilizing a full tri-radial panel layout, the SA-1 is designed to work well in light air “VMG” conditions as well as pole aft down- wind running. Using a class minimum weight fabric this sail is both light weight and durable.

  • Radian Reinforcing
  • Sail Numbers


  • Class Royalty   $ 30.00 CDN

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