For better performance while cruising or club racing, our line of laminates by Dimension Polyant provide a low stretch and lighter weight option over woven fabrics. Pioneered from our racing laminates, this rugged fabric begins with a combination of pretension bundled fibres in different orientations for strength, sandwiched by two tightly woven layers of white polyester taffeta.

The result is a low stretch, high performance material that has superior chafe and ultra violet, UVt™ protection technology, compared to film on film laminates. In addition to increased UV resistance UVt™ contains both a water repellant to decrease moisture wicking and antimicrobial additives to inhibit mildew growth.

All our laminate sails are designed using a Tri Radial panel layout to better suit load alignment. Cruising laminates are available in polyester and Ultra-PE fibre, similar to Spectra® or Dyneema®, to suit boats from 25-60 feet in length.

For more info on SXI material, see here.

For more info on the CXI fabric, see here.

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